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Do you want to build muscles, lose fat and increase your libido at the same time? The easiest thing to do is to pop up a pill. But don’t settle for anything less than Testosterone-1™. From the name itself, it is obvious what this particular pill can do. The only difference that it is one of those legal steroids in every sense of the word. There is no need to act fast before they are banned, as they are legit and will stay legit. Moreover, it can build muscles and burn abdominal fat similar to the best muscle supplements.

Testosterone-1™ Overview

Testosterone-1™ was discovered in the 50s. It was explored as an anabolic steroid but was not developed and then put in the backburner. When it re-emerged in the market, it wasn’t covered by anti-steroid laws and was dubbed as illegal, but not anymore. Unlike Testosterone, Testosterone-1 is 5a reduced, so it has lower androgenic side effects. Considered as a ”dry” compound, it can be used like muscle supplements during cutting phases. But because of its strength, Testosterone-1™ can be used during a bulking phase as well.  

The recommended dosage of 1 Testosterone-1™ is anywhere between 150 to 300 mgs/day. It can be taken in several doses spread throughout the day. How much you should take in would depend on your body weight. Since this pill is technically a steroid, you should avoid abusing it.

Some claim that this product has serious negative effects, but there are no evidence to back them up. Until proof is provided, this pill is good for you.

Testosterone-1™ Benefits

  • It reduces estrogenic activity. Unlike other legal steroids on the market, Testosterone-1™ is not converted to estrogen, which means it does not cause gynecomastia or breast enlargement on men. As a muscle enhancement pill, it only enhances muscles and no other part of your body.

  • It enhances sexual libido and performance. Testosterone-1™ not increases libido, but also improve erection, making it harder and larger. This is why it is often considered as a cross between a testosterone booster and male enhancement pill. It also increases stamina. Together, they ensure your performance in the bedroom is enhanced significantly.

  • It increases strength. Similar to other muscle enhancement pills, Testosterone-1™ is a strength builder. After taking it for a while, you will notice an increase in your strength and aggression, giving you plenty of power to take your training to a whole new level.

  • It improves physique. This muscle pill can significantly decrease body fat, resulting in you achieving a leaner and muscle-packed physique. Having the same effect as other legal steroids online, it can get you ripped, shredded and cut in no time.  

Buy Testosterone-1™ Today

Testosterone-1™ is considered by many as the next best thing for muscle growth other than food, which is why it is one of the safest products. Because of its popularity, it is best to buy now stock is limited. Since it has been banned before and then re-introduced to the market, you should stock up now - we don't know how much longer these will be legal.


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