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Want to get ripped without being ripped? Unlike other legal steroids on the market, Primodrol™ is best used alone, which makes it cheaper than other legal steroids online or offline. When you don’t need to stack it with other products, you can save more. Of course, you still need to invest on healthy food choices, but no need to stack, unless you choose to do so. Unlike other standard anabolics, Primodrol™ not only increases the size of the muscle, but also the number of cells. Suffice to say that the benefits are twofold.

Primodrol™ Overview

A bottle of Primodrol™ contains 60 capsules, with each one working as a power fat burner and muscle builder. Apart from being categorized as a muscle pill, it is also labeled as a strength enhancement pill. The reason it is favored by users of legal steroids is that it can aid in weight loss, while maintaining and enhancing lean body mass. Most bodybuilders use it during the cutting phase to support lean body mass preservation, while metabolizing fat at the same time. Although it is popular as one of the best legal steroids, it is more of a dietary supplement but without illegal anabolic ingredients.

The recommended dosage of Primodrol™ is 1 capsule a day, but you can take 2 if you want to see optimal results faster. Unlike other muscle enhancement pills, Primodrol™ does not have an elimination half-life, as it is prepare in a micronized HCL capacity.

Primodrol™ Benefits

  • It enhances strength with little to no weight gain.

  • It does convert to estrogen, reducing the risk of breast enlargement in men.

  • It increase fuller vascularity, perfect for anyone who wish to achieve a more vascular physique.

  • It has a diuretic effect, eliminating the possibility of water retention that can contribute to added weight.

  • It can enhance muscular gains when stacked during bulking cycles.

  • It can aid in the formation of rock-hard abdominal muscles on bodybuilders when used during the final weeks of a bodybuilding contest.

  • It can enhance sex drive, making it a cross between legal steroids and testosterone supplements. Users claim it enhances their mood, vigor and libido.

  • It can increase growth hormone blood levels without the need for injections.

Despite these benefits, it is best not to abuse Primodrol™ and to use it as recommended. There is no evidence of improved results if taken in higher doses. It may even lead to undesired effects. Thankfully, there are no side effects, making it one of the safest products on the market.

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Primodrol™ is considered as the most powerful non-prescription growth hormone that is taken orally. Combined with its abilities as muscle enhancement pills, it will not be a surprise if you have to buy now stock is limited. When shopping for legal steroids online, however, you must get them from a trusted retailer. While some would claim they are authorized to sell, they may be running an illegitimate business. Check out reviews and testimonials. Also, look for great deals, such as “get it now we are offering FREE shipping on everything”.


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