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If you're looking for a fast-acting oral anabolic steroid that offers fast-acting gains, you will never go wrong with Anadroll. It is comprised mainly of the hormone oxymethelone that has a powerful dihydrotestosterone effect when taken orally. Like most legal steroids, however, utmost care should be taken when using Anadroll because it is known to have high toxicity that may be harmful to the liver.

Anadroll Overview
Anadroll was first developed in the 60s by the pharmaceutical company Syntex. It was first used to treat different diseases because of its numerous therapeutic benefits. In fact, it was approved in the U.S. for the treatment of anemia and muscle wasting related to HIV/aids. As an anabolic steroid, it can increase production of hormones essential to make more red blood cells. It is important to note that Anadroll is a secondary steroid that should be added to a total stack.

Because of the risk of serious side effects, it should only be taken as directed. How much you take will depend on your needs and cycles. It is also important that the muscle pill is taken regularly and at exactly the same time each day for maximum results. Unlike other legal steroids with my mild gains, the use of Anadroll should only be limited to 3 to 5 weeks maximum, especially when taken alone. It is highly recommended that it is used as part of a stack cycle.
For a 12-week cycle of Anadroll Beginner's Cycle, use testosterone 300 to 500mg/week for weeks 1 to 6, then use Anadroll 25 to 50mg/day for weeks 7 to 12. For a 6-week stacking cycle, take Anadroll 80mg/week for 4 weeks, then 40 mg/week for 2 weeks. This combination will result in more body mass, increased strength, increased motivation and work out rate, fast recovery, loss of appetite, and fat burning.

Anadroll Benefits
·        Powerful and effective. Anadroll is considered one of the most powerful legal steroids that work on the market. It also provides rapid results which is something any users of legal steroids would want to hear and see. In fact, you will see gains of as much as 30 pounds within 6 weeks or less of total use.
·        Build mass and strength. Working partly as muscle enhancement pills, Anadroll is one of the premier steroids that builds mass and boosts your strength.
·        Fast acting. Because of its fast acting nature, most athletes who buy legal steroids will supplement with Anadroll during off-season phase or at the frontend of a new mass gaining phase.
·        None aromatizing. Anadroll is one of the legal steroids online that is non-aromatizing, but highly estrogenic at the same time because of its DHT compounds. Water retention can be controlled through the use of anti-estrogen medications.
·        Great for use during mid cycle. At some point of using even the
best muscle supplements, an individual would hit a plateau. Mid-cycle use of Anadroll will change things and introduce something new. A word of warning: do not use Anadroll mid-cycle when it is used as a kick-start or at off-season phase.

·        Great for cutting cycle. Unlike other muscle supplements, using Anadroll during cutting cycle is only applicable to bodybuilders who want to gain a fuller look. It must be taken at the tail end of their contest preparation.

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Anadroll (Boost Stamina)

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